1964 Gibson SG Standard.

1964 Gibson SG Standard  Condition Very Good

Gibson SG Standard.

This Double Cutaway-Mahogany Body Guitar is in Great Shape.

1964 is the year you want in a SG Standard. 1 11/16 long Neck has low action and Loud sound. Does have replaced Tuners from the 1970s. Grovers. Small pickguard

Lyre Vibrato. Bright non- faded Cherry finish.

Modification and Repair.

Mentioned replaced Tuners. No Breaks or Head Stock repairs. Bright Cherry finish All parts original and working.

Cosmetic condition; Clean and non checked finish. Lyre Nickle Plated. Neck straight . No scratches few dings.

Case  OHSC

120 W. Main St. Albert Lea, MN 56007 (IN THE BASEMENT) CALL 507-364-5981

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